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Made of Love by Marxis
Made of Love
"I am their fury
I am their patience
I am a c o n v e r s a t i o n"


HHHUUUUU THIS SHOW. All the feels, all the time, askdjf;sdfkj. I adore Ruby and Sapphire's relationship, the way they interact and how opposite they are is almost comical. Because right away in Keystone Motel, Evan and I realized that angry-Ruby is just like him and angry-Sapphire is just like me. So it's inspiring to see a couple like that, that we can align our temperaments with, work things out and be perfect for each other despite their opposite personalities, Evan truly is the moody Ruby to my aloof Sapphire <3

Gonna fuse with this boy one day and achieve that Garnet-level relationship, awe yeeee

Ruby, Sapphire © Steven Universe
Art © Marxis
Bring Me A Dream by Marxis
Bring Me A Dream
Aaaand here it is,

Gaiaonline's most redeeming quality for me. Two characters who remind me of Evan and I- IT'S THAT BLUE AND RED, MAAANNN. But with Evan reminding me of Jack Frost, it only makes Jack that much more attractive ;A;

Cutest boyfriend ever award goes tooo-- Evanistic.

But anyway, before Evan and I head off to bed to snuggle- here's my annual Bitter Frost tribute. Fafnir is like, such an itty bitty part BUT I INCLUDED HIM SO THERE'S THAT. It's also in a horrible painty style so uh, sorry 'bout that I was feeling artsy.

Jack Frost/Bitter Frost/Sandman/Fafnir © Gaiaonline
Art © Marxis
Vamprose by Marxis
Dark/evil looking Rose is so fantastic, holy smokes. I wanted to also do a Black Pearl version of Pearl-

But this is pretty much the first thing I've drawn (and completed) since this most recent art block snuck up. Evan has helped me through it so much though, so here's to hoping I'll be back in the swing this weekend!

Let me also credit the Vampire Rose design to it's rightful owner: CristalGemsGalore

Such a gorgeous design and idea, I couldn't resist drawing it up in my style u w u

Rose Quartz © Steven Universe
Original design © CristalGemsGalore @ tumblr
Art © Marxis
Scorpio Aesthetic by Marxis
Scorpio Aesthetic

Reds, Storms, Blood Moon, Axes, Maple Leaves, Black And White Stripes, Space, October, Pinstripes, White Marble, Bones, Ouija, Osiria/Osiris Roses, Obsidian, Tobacco, White Pumpkins, Braids, Metal, Cleavers, Birch, Cherries, Garnet, Ash, Charcoal, Opal, Vampires, Ivory, Thorns, Pomegranate, Bergamot, Lace, Slate, Chalk, Scent of Apples, Pluto, Candles, Black Magic Roses, Queen of the Night Calla Lilies, Watercolors, Greytones, Scythes, Casablanca Lilies, Catlike Eyeliner, Dragons, Lipstick, Nouveau, White Hair, Poison, Reapers, Moonlight, Parasols, Scarlet Forests, Stoplights, Leather, Halloween, Lightning, Ghosts, Cranberries, Rain, Jack Daniel's Labels, Blackberries, Stargazing, Cotton, Smoke, Parchment, Stained Glass, Antlers, Chessboard, The Theatre Stage, Wax Sealed Envelopes, Moon Phases, Copper, City Skylines, Ink, Private Libraries, Lanterns, Violin, Strawberries, Tar, Silhouettes, Black Pepper, Brick, Haunted Houses, Phantom, Bats, Red Velvet, Pirate, Graveyard

/trips and falls on face

Normally 'Monster LA' would only have Seven stripes on her horns, but I got a little carried away and more looked better here.

Also wish I could have fit that new 'Frappula' drink somewhere into this drawing, but it felt too serious for that? So for anyone who likes that kind of thing, I posted it on tumbls-…

Monster LA, Art
© Marxis


Marxis's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I like big butts, and I cannot lie.

Current Residence: Halloweentown
Favorite Genre Of Music: Disney, Oldies, OST's
Favorite Style Of Art: Cartoon
Operating System: Toshiba Tablet, Photoshop CS5
MP3 Player Of Choice: iPhone4
Shell Of Choice: Brown Eggshells
Wallpaper Of Choice: Nebula
Favorite Cartoon Character: There Are Millions
Personal Quote: "WHAT?"
  • Mood: Tired
  • Watching: Beetlejuice
  • Drinking: Water

Commissions: TEMPCLOSED | Art Trades: Closed | Collabs: Never | Requests: 1000Nopes

_____________________________ -☠- _____________________________

I'm curious as to what art you'd guys like to see more of from me, if any. Comment below with your answers if you have some!


1) Your personal characters (like Seven and Axel)!

2) More commissions!

3) Art of the artist/slice-of-life-type art!

4) Halloween/Autumn themed art!

5) Steven Universe art!

6) Adoptables!

7) Original species/breed concepts!

8) Other (explain in your comment)

I was inspired to do something like this mostly because it's October- along with commissions I'm also working on several 'art challenges' that are related to the season. (Octoberbook, Costume Challenge, and Inktober) But as always, I'm torn between wanting to do fanart, personal art, or giftart in my freetime.

So I figured I'd ask you guys, hear from all of you on what you like to see most in my gallery/what you'd want to see more of!

I can't promise that the content will change drastically after this poll, but knowing what you guys want to see helps me involve and consider you more.


I'm looking forward to any/all of the comments I may get on this question! <3

Thanks for reading, guys! I'm off to make breakfast with Evan and eat way too many blueberry muffins before passing out for a few hours of sleep.



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